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I am not sure if this is done correctly, but I found a clip on you tube: flash” wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”355″></embed></object>I have always found Shakesphere plays very hard to understand.  I have seen some plays in Stratford many years ago and the acting, live production, use of propts kept my attention.  I recently rented some Hamlet educational videos from the library and I found the plays a little dry.  One of the plays was with all English actors and Patrick Stewart (the captain on Star Trek the T.V. show) played the uncle in Hamlet.  I found the video we watched in class more interesting, but I still had to concentrate hard to follow the story line and the happenings of each scene. 

I enjoy the theater imensily and I would watch a play in a heart beat. I am not sure if the modern plays have the genius of William Shakesphere, but I do understand the happenings of the play. I would have to watch more plays, or read more plays to suggest any other plays besides Shareshere ones that might be a possible choice for an English class. 

Does any one have other suggestions?

Lisa Perl


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Hi. I also watched Fight Club before English class and after English class.  I found it interesting and entertaining before English class.  After English class I noticed that Brad Pitt’s character kept appearring for a second here and there before he actually appeared on the plane scene.  I also noticed the way the camera would shoot dialogue between characters ,as well as shoot down for certain effects and up for other effects.  The scene in the bar with Brad and Edward there are two cameras going back and forth.  The director said that scene took 37 or 38 takes to film.   I am noticing that hallways can seem to go on forever especially in the hospital.  The scene with Edward and Brad fighting outside was interesting because it was filmed ,with Brad in the scene and without Brad in the scene. I wonder what the movie would have been filmed like without Brad’s body, but only dialogue between Edward and Brad? It would give us the perspective of what was actually happening. Does anyone know how many time Brad actually appears for those one second shots?  I am thinking four or five. I wrote another blog on Platton, but it is on a different page. Technical problems, I will work on my technical issues.